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Naturalization in the United States means becoming a US citizen.

Who Is Eligible For Obtaining Citizenship Or Naturalization In The United States?

To become a US citizen through naturalization, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of filing the application. You must have been a lawful permanent resident for the past three or five years, depending on the naturalization category that you are applying under. You also must have continuous and physical presence in the United States. You must be able to read, write, and speak basic English. Petitioners must also demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of US history and government, demonstrate a loyalty to the principles of the US constitution, have good moral character, and be willing to take the oath of allegiance.

What Disqualifies Someone From Becoming A United States Citizen?

If an applicant commits murder or an aggravated felony, there is a permanent bar that disqualifies them to become a US citizen. There are temporary bars if you commit a crime of moral turpitude, such as fraud, illegal gambling, prostitution, intent to harm another person, and fraud or evil intent against the government. There are a few other illegal activities that can lead to a temporary bar. More commonly, if you lie on your application to become a US citizen, that could be grounds of getting barred from becoming a citizen. You can also be disqualified if you owe back taxes to the IRS, owe child support, or persecute anyone because of race, religion, natural origin, political opinion, or social group. Another act that can bar someone from becoming a US citizen is voting in an election. If you were not a citizen at the time, and they find out about it or you admit it on your petition, that can disqualify you from becoming a US citizen.

What Is The Duration Of Citizenship Or Naturalization In The United States?

Once you naturalize and become a US citizen, it is permanent. It’s indefinite. You will have that citizenship for life. If you want to become a citizen of another country, and they don’t have dual citizenship laws there, they might ask you to relinquish your US citizenship in order to obtain citizenship in their country. Of course, that will depend on the country that you are seeking citizenship in. As far as the US, once you obtain citizenship, you will be a citizen for life unless you release it.

Are Certain Family Members Immediately Eligible To Receive Citizenship?

Family members are not given immediate citizenship. However, they may be immediately eligible for lawful permanent resident status. They can then naturalize and receive citizenship after three to five years.

What Documentation Do I Need For The US Naturalization Or Citizenship Process?

To learn about the documentation required to become a US citizen, you will need to consult with an attorney. It’s important to hire an immigration attorney because they can help prepare your case. At Payne Law, we have years of experience and knowledge in the area of immigration. We know what the Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is looking for when it comes to getting an approval for citizenship or any other immigration case.

What Is The US Naturalization Citizenship Process?

The naturalization process begins by applying and filling out the form correctly. You must submit all appropriate supporting documentation to present your best case, appear for the interview, and pass the test. Once all of that is completed, you attend an oath ceremony. At the oath ceremony, you take an oath of allegiance to the United States. Afterward, you are given your certificate of naturalization and become a US citizen that day.

How Long Do You Have To Have A Green Card Before You Can Become A US Citizen?

You must have your green card for three to five years, which will depend on the naturalization category you are applying under. If you received your green card through marriage to a US citizen, and you are still married to that US citizen three years later, you can apply for your citizenship. However, if you are not married to a US citizen anymore, or if you didn’t receive the green card through marriage, then you may apply for citizenship after being a lawful permanent resident for five years.

What Happens To My Green Card If Citizenship Is Denied?

If citizenship is denied, what happens to your green card will depend on the circumstances. Citizenship applications give US immigration authorities a chance to review your entire file. Everything that you ever submitted to USCIS in the past will be under review for a second time. They could deny your citizenship application after reviewing a previous application in which they find that you didn’t merit the green card or approval in the first place. If that happens, your citizen application would get denied.

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