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What Type of Immigration Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

If you’re looking to become a permanent resident, change your status and get an initial visa, or get your citizenship, those are immigration issues we can help with at Payne Law.

General Information:

Do Most People Try to Handle Visa Applications or Immigrations Issues on Their Own First, or Do They Typically Come Straight to an Attorney?

I would say most people do it on their own or, if not on their own, seek the help of a notario, which is a profession like a notary here but has more duties in some South American countries. It’s popular for people from certain cultures to have a notario prepare their forms for them. When I’m waiting in the lobby of an immigration office, I might see four or five other attorneys accompanying their clients on interviews, which leaves about 50 people who will not be represented by anyone.

Many times, people who’ve tried to go through the process alone end up coming to me asking for help after they’ve gotten themselves into a pickle. Given the current climate and the administration that has been in charge of immigration policies and procedures for the last four years, it has become increasingly difficult to represent yourself. More applicants have been driven to hire lawyers by immigration’s stringent policies and the lack of clarity as to what paperwork is even needed. Hiring an experienced attorney is the best way to go about getting certain visas, permanent residency, or citizenship.

What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons That a Visa Application or Another Type of Immigration Avenue Would Be Blocked or Denied?

Many applications receive what’s called a Request for Evidence (RFE), which means the case they originally submitted wasn’t strong enough. Maybe they didn’t have enough or the right kind of supporting documentation. Maybe they were missing some vital information or materials. Maybe they didn’t fill out the form correctly. We see a lot of delays in cases because they weren’t initially able to submit a strong enough case. We also see a lot of applications being denied. If you’re rejected, the next step is usually to place you in deportation proceedings, which would be the worst-case scenario, and I do see that quite often, unfortunately.

Once your application has been denied, it’s going to be a much more expensive process to hire an attorney to bail you out in the event that you’re in removal proceedings versus just paying the fee to get an attorney to submit the case for you initially. That attorney will make sure everything’s filled out correctly and that the case is strong when initially submitted.

If Someone’s Visa Is Denied or Their Immigration Status Is Reversed, Can They Appeal Those Decisions?

Yes, you can appeal those decisions.

Does Your Firm Handle Those Appeals?

No, we don’t handle appeals because that goes with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). We only handle things with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and try to avoid having to appeal at all costs.

What Are Some Warning Signs That People Should Look Out for When It Comes to Some of These Immigration Attorneys or Others Who Claim They Can Help?

I don’t want to say anything negative about anybody I don’t know, and I also don’t want to generalize, but it does seem to be that some attorneys from South Florida charge a lot more than attorneys in Central Florida, for whatever reason. They have the same skill level, the same expertise, yet they’re charging four or five times the amount. So watch out for that. If the price seems high, it probably is.

Also, be careful not to hire an unauthorized practitioner of law (UPL). There are a lot of people who will pose as lawyers and say they can handle your immigration case, when they are, in fact, not lawyers. For some reason, we see more UPLs in immigration than any other area of law. The red flags might not be obvious, so that’s why you have to be careful about who you’re hiring.

Can Someone in Southern Florida Hire Your Firm to Handle Their Immigration Case?

I’ve handled cases in other states and other cities, as well as in counties all over the state of Florida. I can easily drive to any field office to be alongside my client for an interview. I’ve even travelled out of state for representation for some clients. Immigration is federal law, so it doesn’t matter what state you are licensed in as an attorney; you are allowed to practice federally in every state. We take cases nationwide, but of course, our hub is here in Orlando.

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