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Payne Law, PLLC.

“Caleb treated me and my case with respect. He was very diligent and kept me aware of all updates. I made a very good choice in going with Payne Law. I would highly recommend the Payne Law firm. Very courteous and easy to talk to.”Scott D.

“Amazing experience! Nicole was extremely helpful and caring for detail while preparing the paperwork. She made sure to keep us updated about everything that has been going on with our case. I would definitely recommend their law firm to anyone who is in need of their services. They are an amazing team and they are great at what they do. You can tell that they respect their career and their clients, which is very hard to find these days.”Nurefsan C.

“Caleb did an exceptional job keeping me informed and dealing with my case! He brought in experts to help support my claim and ultimately took my claim from being denied by my insurance company to pay in full! I’m so thankful for Caleb’s work on my case and the results yielded from his efforts. Exceptional professionalism and results.”Justin M.

“Caleb Payne did a great job for us and kept us informed during the entire process. I would definitely recommend Payne Law to anyone and would use his services again if I had a case!”Debbie A.

“I was happy with the results and the attorney.”Geraldine F.

“100 % satisfied. I would highly recommend Payne Law.”Leith F.

“Mr. Payne was effective, communicated effectively, took me step by step through the process, and got the RESULTS! Highly recommend Mr. Payne.”Mike

“Caleb was able to walk me through the process in great detail making sure that I understood everything involved with my case. He was available at all times to answer questions about my case and provided any information I needed in a timely manner. Caleb did a great job of prepping me for each step in the process. After we were successful, Caleb continued to follow up to make sure that everything had been resolved. I would highly recommend Caleb for anyone in need of an attorney.”Kevin

“Caleb Payne was very helpful to me. I had no knowledge of how to go about my situation and he was helpful and patient and explained everything to me and always double-checked that I understood. He was always easy to reach if I had a question and was really great at keeping me updated on the events of my case. All in all, he made it a very easy situation for me to go through – start to finish. I will always recommend him!”Sara

“There are still good caring human beings around! My homeowner’s insurance was very unreasonable and I found an attorney Caleb Payne, with integrity to help. I do recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. He is very knowledgeable and helped me tremendously to win my case against an unreasonable insurance company. I have never met him in person just hired him as my lawyer through telephone calls and email and USPS. I wish to meet him in person someday to thank him. Thank you, Caleb.”Farimah

“I have had the pleasure to be represented by Caleb in one of my civil cases. He has been more than just a lawyer at this time for me. Not only does he care about my legal issues but he makes me feel valued as a client. His knowledge of the law is absolutely impressive. There is not a question or issue he has not been able to address successfully and has kept me informed every step of the way. I would recommend Caleb to anyone and everyone looking for a respectable who will go out of his way to make sure you win your case and are well represented.”Vanessa

“I separated from my wife and needed to do my citizenship process quickly. Nicole guided me easily through the paperwork and got things finished with no setbacks. She kept me informed through the entire process and handled everything very professionally. She was very easy to work with and was affordable and flexible. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for legal help. Thank you very much for your help Nicole Payne.”Aviram

“Nicole was really helpful with my case and was able to get it completely dropped after a few months. As an international resident, she was able to provide insight on both the criminal charges as well as my status of immigration and how to protect it. Thanks to her work, I can now continue my studies without this charge hindering my chances of getting into graduate school.”A Satisfied Client

“Nicole assisted me in the submission of a “Request for Exemption” with regards to the application process for my CPA Certification. This exemption was for the approval of my license application, which was not completed within the allotted time frame due to medical issues; as such, requiring special approval directly by the Licensing Board. As part of these proceedings, Nicole researched the applicable laws and regulations, corresponded with the Board of Accountancy on my behalf, appeared in my place during a hearing in front of the State Licensing Board, and provided excellent legal advice that helped to ensure a fortuitous outcome. Throughout our interactions, Nicole displayed a robust knowledge of the law, as well as the ability to research convoluted provisions within the applicable regulatory guidance. She took great ownership of my case and showed throughout that she cares about her clients. Based on these aforementioned considerations, I highly recommend Nicole for any legal issues within the scope of her specializations.”Charles A.

“I used Nicole while I was going through my dependency case. She was very patient and professional. Nicole was very prompt and was very quick to respond.”Danielle

“Attorney Rofe is an excellent attorney skilled in the areas of immigration, criminal defense, and family law. She is unique in the fact that she truly listens to your perspective and tailors her legal approach to the individual needs of her clients. She fights for her clients and exhausts every option to provide the best possible outcome for her client. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation.”Kathryn

“Professional, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions, explained the process and made herself available should I have any further questions”A Satisfied Client

“Nicole was a huge help in reviewing my premarital settlement agreement. She took a few hours to go over the contract line by line in order to make sure I understood what I was signing. She helped define and provide examples for any clauses I was unsure about. She was very knowledgeable and her attention to detail was outstanding. She also provided financial affidavit to make sure I was protected. If you want professional and honest advice see Nicole Payne!”Amy

“Definitely had a GREAT experience with Nicole Payne. She took care of my case and was very attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. I had a lot of questions and concerns throughout this experience but she definitely calmed my nerves. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Thanks again, Nicole!”Humberto

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