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Call us for advice from someone who has handled hundreds of property damage disputes.

First Party Insurance Disputes

First Party Insurance Disputes

File Your Property Damage Claim With The Right Attorney

No one really likes to deal with insurance companies, especially when a claim needs to be resolved and the insurance carrier is acting in bad faith. Indeed, dealing with insurance companies requires patience, time, and skill. At Payne Law, our insurance claims attorney can help you navigate the complex and frustrating insurance process. An experienced insurance claims attorney knows that when a policyholder submits a claim, they do not always get a reasonable response or outcome. When a policy should go a long way toward safeguarding your property, you may find that it is not always the case.

Our firm has handled various types of insurance claims, including:

Property Damage, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Storm Damage, Fallen Tree Damage, Roof Damage, Structural Property Damage, Denied Property Claims, Denied Life Insurance Claims, Denied Medical Insurance Claims, Denied Auto Insurance Claims, and More.

At Payne Law, we stand up against insurance companies that purposefully avoid or deny paying on valid claims. If your claim has been denied or undervalued, legal recourse may be a viable option. Our insurance claims attorney can thoroughly assess your specific case and determine how to best move forward. It is no secret that insurance companies do not always comply with the terms found in their policyholders’ insurance policy. If you believe that your insurance carrier is not complying with the terms in your policy, or if they are engaging in bad faith practices, you should counsel with an insurance claims attorney to discuss your legal options.

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Payne Law Serves And Represents Clients In
Orlando, FL And Surrounding Areas

Payne Law Serves And Represents Clients In Orlando, FL And Surrounding Areas

When a matter arises that requires legal attention and representation, the key is to choose a team that prioritizes your best interests and seeks to protect your rights. At Payne Law, prioritizing your best interests and protecting your rights is our primary objective. We are intent on helping our clients solve their legal matters and disputes by finding solutions that fit their goals and needs. Our attorneys have successfully resolved numerous cases involving property claims, insurance claims, personal injury, and small business affairs.

At Payne Law, our team is readily available to address and discuss the concerns and circumstances that bring you to our firm. We understand that the impact of legal issues and disputes can ignite a series of problems that can cause stress and frustration. As such, we are prepared to provide personalized services and customized solutions to ease any anxiety over your legal issue. We take our clients’ matters seriously. In so doing, we take an uncompromising approach to produce exceptional results.

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Do you have an insurance claim? Does the carrier not want to pay what you think they owe? Are they giving you the runaround? Let us help you figure out the next step. Insurance carriers, oftentimes, are in the business of denying claims. Call us for advice from someone who has handled hundreds of property damage disputes.

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